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Jon and Ellen gratefully acknowledge funding agencies that supported our work in Greenland over the past few years, the Government of Greenland for permission to conduct this work, and logistical support along the way.


Sample permits number 027/2013; VU – 00113; and 23162/2017

ANS-1603452; supporting our 2017/2018 field season and additional lab work.

ANS-1203773; supported 2013 field season and subsequent work


9076-12; supported 2012 field work for Jon Martin

9121-12; supported 2012 field work for Kelly Deuerling


 Opportunity fund; supported 2011 field work for Jon and 2012 field work for Ellen Martin


Mange Tak! to Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen, who provided outstanding logistical support and laboratory space while we sampled in Sismiut